About Us

We have 25 years of Real world experience from: Finance, IT, Medical, Trucking, Automotive, Hospitality, Floral, and many other Service Based Businesses. Allowing us to be uniquely positioned between helping and understanding the day-to-day Operations of SMB America for companies that range anywhere from $50 Thousand to $20 Million Dollars a year.

We want to be a One-Stop-Shop for all of Your Financial and Business Consulting needs. Our focus is not just to Fund you, but to help you scale. When you do well, we Win! 

Our Mission

At RF Financial we want to watch you grow from wherever you may be in your Business Cycle stage to where you want to go.

We believe to truly help your business we have to be a part of your business. When we work for you, we take every effort to have some skin in the game, to deliver top-notch results every time!  


Our Main office is located in the Tampa Bay Area with employees working remotely. In today’s modern FinTech world we are part of an ever-evolving brand of companies that bring versatility, mobility, and productivity to your door.