Finding Solutions for Diverse Businesses

Businesses across all sectors rely on fast and flexible financing options. We strive to find the right solution for you right away to help you scale and grow your Business. We match you with the right product to fit your needs so you can continue to focus on taking care of your Business.

Small Business Financing Options

Tailored Funding and Consulting solutions to grow your business with tangible results


Multiple Loan Types

  • Non-Traditional Business Advance on Future Receivables
  • SBA
  • Traditional Term Loans
  • Backed by Real Estate
  • Backed by Inventory

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Merchant Cash Advances

  • Based on Future Credit Card Sales
  • Flexibility in Payback
  • Ideal for Seasonal Businesses

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The coveted White-Whale of the Funding World

  • Pull as little or as often as you like
  • Ranges between 5-20% of Annual Gross
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • No hidden gimmicks and no extra fees!
  • See if you Qualify, Apply above Today!


Get the Gear to put your Business back in Gear

  • Identify and Qualify
  • Capital Needs Assesment
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • No hidden gimmicks and no extra fees!

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PO Financing

A / R or Invoice

  • Future Sales
  • Flexibility
  • Funding

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Tired of being kicked around?

At RF Financial we have worked with thousands of Businesses across the U.S. and Canada and the prevelant sentiment is that they are just tired of hearing the same thing with no results. We could not agree more! We offer Add-on Services so you can be an active member of the Funding process with us!


Tangible Business Health in one easy to read format

  • Talk with a rep today about our Flagship Add-on Product!

Battle Plan

Can’t today? Be ready for tomorrow!

  • Identify key weaknesses
  • Set Target Goal Dates
  • Fund with RF